How We Do It

We’re passionate about good code, delivering value, and avoiding surprises along the way. How do we manage to consistently deliver upon these values?

  • Good code: As with most successful organizations, we believe that our most important assets are the people on our team. We’re pretty selective about who we invite onto our cadre. We ask a lot of our developers, but we also reward them with respect. It takes more than money to keep people happy\.! Google has it right when they recite that, “nothing speaks louder than code,” for a software development organization.
  • Delivering value: Our team includes not only our own employees, but our client partners as well. We love working with people who share our values, and understand what it takes to make projects successful. We’re not fond of slave drivers, dictators, or megalomaniacs.
  • Avoiding surprises: In most cases, getting it right involves an iterative approach to development. Frequent, stable releases keep everybody involved throughout the project, and helps to avoid surprises. It also takes the pressure off trying to specify everything up front. Build it, then improve it, then keep on improving it. We’ve had experience with lots of different methodologies over the years, and found that agile practices work well for us and our clients.